Oman – Interesting facts

As Oman is one of the oldest nations on the planet, it offers several exciting details that will get your attention and definitely will make you dig further in this treasured spot surrounded by remarkable traditions. Oman is the perfect spot for bird observation reasons. You can observe birds belonging to the Three continents: Europe, […]

Weather in Vietnam

Climate of Vietnam Are you going to travel to Vietnam and are you thinking about knowing the weather you can find once there? ( Remember about: evisa vietnam ) Vietnam is a country with two seasons, one of the hottest that is also characterized by rains and a dry period, with colder temperatures. The weather […]

Canada interesting spots to see

This Commonwealth country is reallythe 2ndbiggestnationin the world. Nevertheless, most of the land area is forest. This is certainlyone of Canada’s attraction: the greatareas of nature in general are truly and truly lost. Its staterecreational areasare indeed large-scale, offering picture-perfect expanses.Walking, hiking, sailing, swimming, bicycling – if you are a fan of the fantastic outdoors, […]